Since we have been constantly concerned to diversify the range of our products, we have purchased a sublimation line with which we decorate the surfaces in wooden or marble effect, or other images.

The sublimation process has several stages :
1. Profile checking.
2. Pre-treatment of the profile surfaces
3. Base coating
4. Impregnation (sublimation).
The first three are the same as for electrostatic coating, the profiles being coated with a base coating, on which the drawing will be impregnated on a certain type of film. The base coating is minimum 60-70 microns thick (usual values 80-100 microns) and a brightness of 30-40 +/- 5 for semi-glossy base or a brightness of 8 +/- 3 for mate coating.
The impregnation is performed with high quality films, our film suppliers being Decoral and Sublitex.


The material subjected to impregnation must resist to 2000C. By sublimation various textures and images can be reproduced with photograph fidelity. The final product does not need any special maintenance and is highly resistant to the elements.