To be able to deliver our customers orders as fast as possible, we also operate an electrostatic coating plant, with two coating lines:


- an electrostatic coating line, crown system with a polymerization oven chest type;

- an electrostatic coating line, tribo system with a polymerization oven tunnel type.


We can coat all RAL range and all types of existing powder coatings: glossy, semi-glossy, mate, structured and bonderizate both aluminium and steel.

The surface treatment is different for the two metals: for the two systems peculiar Henkel solutions are used.

Powder coatings are polyester coatings purchased from renowned manufacturers such as:


The quality of electrostatic coating is mostly due to the quality of surface treatment, and this is the reason why last year we greatly improved the line of surface treatment, by purchasing a system of demineralized water.

The surface treatment is done respecting the Henkel technology specific for aluminium or steel.

In the tables below we will present the surface treatment scheme in our plant: :

- surface treatment specific for aluminium:

- surface treatment for steel:

The entire surface is closely monitored with the help of measurement devices and by means of physical and chemical analyses, to make sure that we have achieved an outstanding quality of the surface treatment.

The limits of electrostatic coated pieces are:

- length: 6 meters;

- height: 0,6 meters;

- width: 0,4 meters.

Quality tests performed after electrostatic coating are the following:

To preserve the quality of the profile surfaces, each profile is individually packed, thus ensuring the preservation of surfaces even in the case of long distance carriage.

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